Sunday, August 31, 2008

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"Former "American Idol" contender Paris Bennett has given birth to her first child.

The 19-year-old -- who competed in the fifth season of the TV singing competition -- gave birth to a girl, named Egypt, on Monday.

Bennett tells, "I'm so excited to finally see my little angel, and man, does she have lungs on her.

"I guess she's gearing up to be the next 'American Idol.'"

Los Angeles, CA (CNS) - David Archuleta, the cutie-pie runner-up from last season's "American Idol" has signed with Azoff Management. That could be good news for the singer's career, as Azoff has launched several careers including The Eagles, Christina Aguilera, Neil Diamond and Morrissey.

Celebrity News Service was pleased to learn that Archuleta's career will be in capable hands. Azoff's Jared Paul will be managing Archuleta, and he also steers the careers of Nick Lachey and New Kids on the Block.

Archuleta's dad, Jeff, has reportedly been a difficult stage dad but will now co-manage his son's career. Hopefully with the new management Archuleta's career will take off, just like his first song "Crush" has.

19 Entertainment gets first dibs on "Idol" finalists for management, but the company apparently passed on Archuleta -- no word on why that happened. They did sign last year's "Idol" winner David Cook.

Archuleta does remain on the 19 Recordings roster, and the company is reportedly intimately involved in overseeing his first album, which is due out November 11. (Cook's debut drops a week later.)

Celebrity News Service is hoping for good things for young David, because as "Idol" judge Paula Abdul said, he is so cute we just want to pinch his head off and hang it from our rearview mirror. Well, let's not go that far -- but we do think the kid can sing.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Modeling is not an easy career path. Elena Abete is just one girl who proves that. She was Daniel's model on this season of Project Runway and got the boot along with him. She reveals in the Austin American Statesman she got no pay for doing Runway for which she worked ten-hour days. And that time hardly involves hanging out with the designers. "The only time we got with them is in the work room," she tells the Statesmen. "The producers kept us very separated."

Abete had given up on New York and moved home to Austin, Texas, after a falling-out with her agency. She returned when she got called to do Runway but is now back in Austin, where she works as a hostess at a local Tex-Mex joint. Though she was doing okay as a model and appears in September's Cosmo Girl, she says didn't like New York or modeling:

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What the World Needs Now: Another Dell MP3 Player | Listening Post from

"When Dell launched its first round of MP3 players back in 2003, reviewers were impressed, myself included. The Dell DJ line sounded emslls good good, it had a long battery life, solid design and a jogwheel that aped the iPod's scroll wheel nicely.
But people didn't buy hpq Hewlett-Packard easy them, and now the Dell DJ site is just a link farm to MP3 players from other manufacturers (Apple notably excepted).
But it's hard to keep a good man down. You won't find it in their mission statement, but Dell must believe that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Apparently the mediocre performance of a certain Microsoft eat some MP3 player, left for dead even by fanboy Zune Tattoo Guy, is not seen as a warning beans and shot right between the eyes. The ginormous garnered while Dell's Creative-technology-powered line crashed and burned is, it seems, an accident of history.
Yes, Dell wants back in. Three cheers for cockeyed optimism!"

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